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If you ever thought our library was weird, check out this video!

The guy who made it is making “literal” music videos, changing rock song lyrics to fit the weird, random music videos that went with the original songs. Fun!


Speaking of things to make you smile, a friend of mine sent me to this website this morning: Upside Down Dogs. Page after page of ridiculous photos of ridiculous dogs in ridiculous upside down poses.


Anybody need a smile? Check out the famed “Where the Hell Is Matt?” video:

When I was looking for videos, I tried the browse options (“autos & vehicles,” “comedy,” etc.). It wasn’t quite as helpful as I hoped. It seems like YouTube is probably more useful if you know more or less what you want going into it.

I think it’s neat that more traditional media outlets (i.e., TV) are putting content on YouTube. There’s a lot of piracy on YouTube (old TV shows, etc.), and it’s nice to see stuff that’s not only cool but legal. For example, you can watch the entire presidential debates on YouTube. A lot of musical artists are putting videos on YouTube.

Of course it’s also cool that anyone can upload a funny video of their cat or dog. I know some musicians who put up lo-fi videos of themselves in the recording studio or just playing at home. And more authors are creating “book trailers” to help promote their books.

There’s certainly lots of possibilities out there! I think patrons would enjoy seeing video of some of our more flashy library events, assuming we are able to get the performers’ permission. It might also be fun to do a Reading Rainbow-type book talk thing during Summer Reading Club, where readers just give a one minute talk about their favorite book. Strictly voluntary, of course!


Speaking of photos, the Chicago Tribune has an online gallery of photos from the Chicago Marathon yesterday. I can’t believe the elite runners basically ran 4-5 minute miles for the whole 26 miles and 385 yards. Pretty amazing what the human body can do if properly conditioned!


Today’s Big Picture blog features historical photographs and representation of our sun. You thought it was just a blinding white blob in the sky? Check out these photos and be amazed. Number 20 is especially spectacular. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, they are flippin’ sweet!


Parading Lion

Originally uploaded by wilmettelibrary

This is one of my favorite photos in the Wilmette Library’s Flickr account. It’s from an Asian cultural program last year. Isn’t it darling?

When I started this post I had some trouble getting Flickr to load properly. I kept getting a “stack overflow” error, whatever that means. I had to hold down the “CTRL” button on the keyboard while clicking the “Refresh” button at the topĀ of my web browser. After that, things worked much better.

I don’t take a lot of photos, but I know I can add friends and family to my “contacts” list and thereby keep up to date with the new photos they post. And it’s fun being able to post photos to my blog from Flickr!


I read a lot of blogs about books and libraries, but I like some funny with my serious. These are a couple of my favorite websites for a laugh:

Cake Wrecks – Professional cakes gone horribly awry. Today’s feature on cakes that mangle the word “congratulations” made me laugh out loud!

Unshelved – A comic strip that takes place in a public library. Hits soooooo close to home a lot of the time!


I’m actually an experienced blogger, but this is my first time participating in a “Web 2.0” program like this one. I’ll be following along with all the exercises this fall. Even though a lot of the stuff we’re covering is familiar to me, I know I’ll learn something new along the way.